Friday, November 16, 2007

Things Liberian Men do that are WRONG!!!

Things Liberian Men do that are WRONG!!!

1. A Liberian man will have five women he is dating and will still be out there trying to pick up another.

2. A Liberian man will date you and your close friends at the same time.

3. A Liberian married man will sleep with any and or all females in his home regardless of their ages.

4. A Liberian man over the age of 30 would date a 12 year girl and proudly introduce her as his “little play thing”.

5. A Liberian man will have no problem sleeping with his step daughters in the home.

6. A Liberian man will sleep with his best friend wife.

7. A Liberian man will say the worst thing about his close friend to get in his friend’s wife panties.

8. A Liberian man will know his wife is in the room but yet he will still try to pick up another woman.

9. A Liberian man will be dating/sleeping with you but will never admit or introduce you as his girlfriend or lover.

10. A Liberian man will leave his wife sleeping on their wedding night to sleep with a woman he met at his wedding.

11. A Liberian man will use these words or phrases to describe their women: Play thing; my little thing; my man I am trying to eat that thing; my side thing, etc.

12. A Liberian man will leave you and marry your friend but still expect you to continue sleeping with him of and on after his wedding.

13. A Liberian man will have a child with you; break up but think having a child together gives him a free “Cushy Coupon” with you for ever.

14. A Liberian man will leave his sick wife and children at home to be with another woman without guilt.

15. A Liberian man knows more about things going on in an organization than his home and family.

16. A Liberian man cannot tell you honestly how many children he has.

17. A Liberian man will never mentioned to you that he had kids during his teenage years. Only teenage girls have babies in Liberia.

18. A Liberian man will not pay any attention to other men children in his home or even when he is dating you. They don’t acknowledge them.

19. A Liberian man cannot tell you the last time he was in his kid’s school or saw their homework.

20. A Liberian man will come home midnights and expect his spouse to not have a problem with his behavior.

21. A Liberian man feels that his parents in his home are his wife’s responsibilities and not his.

22. A Liberian man thinks paying the bills is his sole responsibilities in his marriage and the wives should do the rest even if they are also helping with the bills.

23. I have yet to see a Liberian man hug and kiss or even hold his wife hands in public, they are so scared that another woman will see and not want them.

24. A Liberian man does not respect his Liberian women; they see them as second class citizen and thinks they are theirs to toyed with.

25. A Liberian man will treat his girlfriend better then he treats his wife.

26. A Liberian man will put a lots of time and work into gaining a position only for the BIG title, nothing gets done after he gets the job.

27. A Liberian man cannot tell you he has not slept with another woman since wedding; ladies, ask your spouse.

28. Liberian men will exhibit the highest level of immaturity once in a situation where they feel cornered.

29. Liberian Men are quick to jump to conclusions and do not go into situations with OPENED EYES.(RW - feel free to adapt these into the original 27 as, I, in this public manner, do give you the copyrights:):)

30. A Liberian man in his 40s will have a child by a 13 years old little girl and turn his back on her.

Liberian men, you really bring the term “DOGS” to life. How do you expect to live with us if you don’t even see us as humans? The word “thing” means: items. Stop seeing us as “needless things.

If you don’t have anything to add to our life, stay away from us.

Remember, 12am is another day, as far as we are concern if a man is not in his home by 11:59pm, he better be with his spouse or he spent the night out.

Tell your other women not to kiss your shirt collar this tell us she wants us to know you were with her. No, we don’t want to taste her private parts; chewing gums really does not solve the problem, we can still smell her. We don’t need her infections; keep it in your pants or wrap it up, wear a condom. I hear you’ll saying “it doesn’t feel the same when we use a condom”, hell, you don’t feel the same coming from another woman.

Stay away from another man’s wife; “why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free” should not be referred to women; this is very disrespectful; Liberian man does more damage to their spouse’s self esteem then anyone else. Liberian women are killing themselves and going crazy because of their Liberian men.

Stay away from females under the age of 21, they are called “jail bait”. If she is related to you in any way, sharp or form, her private parts should not be touch by you. If she is your daughters or step-daughters, be a father to her and not her boyfriend. Plugging “the cherry” does not make you a man; you are nothing but a coward with low self esteem and no gust to be with a real woman.

When was the last time a Liberian man took his wife out on a date, to the movies, etc.

Spend time with your children, the street was there before you were born it will be there after your death, spend time with your family. If the baby is crying at nights, get up and help; no you are not babysitting, you are taking care of your child.

We are not your maids; next time you are coming to America, bring your house maid with you or learn to pickup behind yourselves; helping to cook will not kill you either.

If the two of you went to church together when you were dating, don’t stop. Go to church, not for the woman, for yourself.

All you so-called Liberian pastors, God did not make you a pastor for you to get more sex in your life; He needs you to teach His people the word of God.

Big stomach is not sexy, find the nearest gym. Do not blame the beer; blame yourself for seeing a gym as a “scary place”.

Stop telling us you will marry us when you are promising this to others women. Work with one woman at a time and you just might enjoy your life. Dating multiple women will cause you an early death; we are burying you fasten and younger then we are marrying you.

Do not call home in the middle of the night and ask us to cook soup, we are not your 24-hour-diner, nor are we Burger King, you cannot have it your way.

Lies, lies, lies, is there a university Liberian men go to for a PhD in lying? It’s has to be one out there because you guys are expert on lying.

Paying child support is not supporting the woman, you are supporting your child; If you don't want to pay child support, wrap it up.

Do not put down your spouse’s ex, someone could be doing the same to you.

Keep your hands off your spouse; she got enough beating as a child in Liberia, she does not need anymore from you. You are not her father, stop bossing her around. You can not change her; she was what you left her best friend for remember? Live with it or move on.

Your parents are not her responsibilities, stay home and take care of your parents; if your spouse knows you are with another woman, she will mistreat your parents to get back at you. And the same goes for the children you brought with you from another relationship. Stay home .

Do not disrespect your friend’s wife when by sending her the “I want you signal" when you shake her hand. This is disrespectful especially when her spouse is standing right beside her.

If you are dating us, we should not be referred to as “your friend” we are your girlfriend or lover.

Do not call us at 2am asking can you come over for few minutes; take your horny self home.

If your wife is overweight and has stop taking care of herself, do not spend time chasing after the ones who are taking care of themselves; talk to your wife about her weight gain, maybe the two of you can go to the gym together. Sleeping outside your marriage will only make her gain more weight.

Jumping from homes to homes, apt, to apt, beds to beds only make you look old and less attractive; settle down. A man at age 30 or older should not still be "dating" he should be married with a home and a family. Settle down and stop the game playing, you will live longer.

A lot of Liberian men have three to six children by three to six women; how careless and childish can you be? Did you think you will not have to take care of these children? Who give you the right to destroy these women lives? Who told you they were free for all on the market stand? Stop having babies with your women if you have no plans on marrying her. Stop!!!!

Going to multiple events in one night does not make you a stud, it only say you are killing yourself slowly.

Arguing with a woman in public is a stupid move, you will pay for it for days to come. wait until you get home, trust me, you will pay less if you wait until you get home.

Never tell your wife her food is not good while you are eating, again another stupid move; wait until you are done eating and do it in the nicest way remember, the food is better in your stomach then on your stomach.

Women are not things, we are human being, and without us you wouldn’t be here, with us you will go far in life. Remember to love her, treat her with respect, take care of her, be her partner, best friends, cherish her; put her first in your life. Too many of you are dying along with ohly your children in the front seat of the church. And those “friend” you think love you, they will be the ones in the back of the church making sure you are dead while meeting their new man at your funeral.

Everyone have a blessed day!!


Roberta Williams


Michael said...

i found your post funny, but not fair to us. i will be the first to admit we have some rotten apples among us, but for you to genelize and put us all in one category, now thats something else, i am sure there are a lot of good liberian guys out there.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that you could highlight some of the inappropriate behaviors that are exhibited by both Liberian men and women. However,it is not fair that you generalize these characteristics to every man from Liberia. No two individuals are the same. I know many Liberian men who respect their wives, attend all meetings at their kids schools , go to all of the kids sports meets and display affection for their wives both in public and in private. Your claim that all Liberian men would not hesitate to have sex with their step daughters may be true for some but not all. If you know anything about our tribal culture, it is considered an abomination to do such. Yes, a few misfits may behave that way but for you to imply thatit is a popular phenomenon in Liberia is far from the truth. I lived most of my life in the rural areas of Liberia. Having sex with one's step daughter is almost nonexistant. This may be an urban issue. Even in urban areas it is not rampart as you want us to believe.
RB, almost all of what you mentioned are done by some men from Liberia,however, the same is true about the United States. In my line of work I have encountered more than 50 children both boys and girls that have been horrifically sexually abused by their fathers and mothers, should we conclude that all American men do such? The American Media is replete with stories of marital unfaithfulness(Clinton), does that mean that all American men are unfaithful? You are obviously a smart woman and I appluad you for bringing these issues out for public debate, however , it is wrong for you to attribute these kinds of behavior to every man in Liberia. I can guage the anger in your writing and that is understandable, but please do not allow your anger or ersonal experience to cloud you objectivity.
By the way, thanks for this Liberian oriented blog. I will visit it regularly. And please keep bringing up more issues like this for public discussion
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi i think some of the writing of liberin man were true and some of them sounded like generalization of what you been through with a liberian man. look these guy were not brought up knowing about romance,loving,pampering and winning the heart of a woman, so give them some credit and pray that 2000 century open out their eye to women needs and want.

Anonymous said...
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bathmate said...

its a fabouluse comments
nice to see


Anonymous said...

Liberian men? no. it's all men period.

Xiomara1 said...

Man! This makes me not want to talk to the Liberian man I'm getting to know....

Jess said...

Can anyone explain why they're so, so good in bed, though?

Anonymous said...

As a Liberian woman who has been loved by a good Liberian man for many years, your list does not ring true at all. You are doing a disservice to all the good liberian men out there. Were you hurt by a Liberian man? Then as we say "non mine yah." But let me tell you, there is no better lover, friend, husband, confidante, buddy and husband than a Liberian man. I thank the good Lord everyday that I am loved and am able to love my Liberian man. he is protective, and knows how to treat a women both in and out of bed.

Anonymous said...

honestly, these comments about liberian men are right on point! i dated a liberian man for many, many, many years. he kept promosing me he would marry me (and no, we don't / didn't have any kids), but it never happened so after 10 yrs of dating him i got tired of just dating and left his sorry A_S! oh but then he saw i was serious and wanted to talk marriage, but it was far too late to talk at that point b/c i had moved on.

liberian men are a joke! all of them! any women who beleives that she is the ONLY woman he's dating is a fool. i too was fool b/c i thought i was the only person he was dating only for me to find out that during the 10 years we were dating, he was sleeping around with other women. but i guess other liberians will feel that is ok that he was sleeping around b/c he wasnt' "dating" them, only sleeping with them.

now, i just look at liberian men and for that matter, all african men and laugh to myself at how pathetic they look, talk, act, sound and are. i want even give them the time of day when they speak to me and don't let me hear that stupid accent, it's not sexy at all b/c they sound like someone who is uneducated, regarless of how many degrees they have. i've only been involved with one liberian man (he was the first and the last) and i can only share my experience, but i'm simply trying to warn other women of all races to stay away from liberian men. they are all cheaters. and for those that might say he cheated on me b/c he wasn't getting enough "love" from me, well that's not true b/c he was getting from me almost every day and we were trying different positions. so now what excuse do you have for him cheating? me getting fat? nope, that didn't happen?

bottom line, LIBERIAN MEN are whores. all liberian men are cheaters.

Anonymous said...

I am an African American woman who has worked with Liberian men and this article sums them up 200%. I applaud you for writing it. The ones who are angry with you writing this article are the guilty ones.Dogs don't like truth! These men are deplorable to be around. They suck up to their bosses but behind closed doors they fall completely apart under pressure. They act like slaves at times. Lot's of game playing behaviors. These two Liberians kept looking in between my legs every time I stood up out of my chair. OMG!!! EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! EXCELLENT!!!

22 Heartz said...

Totally agree that these men Are dogs. Its like they appear too be such clever / Charming men, but the minute you let them into your heart, they take big advantage. I'm an american girl who's been having an affair with a liberian guy.He lies so bad. Worst of all. He's married (To my surprise) I have all the love for him in the world. To end it all I believe that I may be pregnant by him, sadly I know him & his wife cannot concieve. He's been really distant since I told him I thought as such, What should I do? By the way asking him one day for the two of us to go and have (Hiv) Testing powerful him off as well as him refusing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, after reading this article I could feel my heart starting to mend after six months or more. I’ve been ailing with a broken heart due to the betrayal of a Liberian Man. Yes, they will make you feel like you are on the top of the world and the cream of crop but they have secrets and if you are dating or considering dating one, I suggest you take your time to watch and listen to him very carefully and every step-They are very skillful at lying. I’m not saying they are all alike but my “gosh” one comment sounded as if she was dating who I thought was the love of life.
After many years, I finally got the goods on him and watched him crumble like a caged animal and ran. He lied until it was just pathetic to look at him and he continues to lie even after admitting all the solid evidence I had on him. He was sleeping with two-three different woman at the same time (all happen to be teachers he worked or associated with) and when the pressure became too much, he would get angry and become very rude to the very one who stuck by him when times were tough especially going thru his separation and divorce.
Now I understand why his wife took his behind thru the wringer. He played innocent throughout the whole ordeal and even thought the hurt that he subjected his “women” to was so funny to him. Yes, he was/is very immature, cold, calculating, and a sex hound and only think about themselves but it’s the lies that are so overwhelming. Yes, I have all the information/proof I needed on all his girlfriends this includes the hot and steamy emails they wrote and his replies back to them. If I wasn’t a strong believer in Karma, I would bust his ass byway of cyberspace but I think a couple of them would hurt him-seriously if they were to see this evidence. He has all these women thinking he is an angel but once he gets what he wants and see another prey, they are throwbacks to him.
I wouldn’t put all Liberian men in this category because that would be unintelligent. This one has a tendency to look and categorize women as sex objects/toys. He cannot get thru a conversation without referring to sex with a lot of these women and yes, I was fooled for a long while but I learned my lesson and it wasn’t pretty. The gut-wrenching part is that he could care less how he hurt me and had the nerves to turn everything on me. Yes, I’m bitter but it will subside and one day I hope he reads this and know he needs to be careful how he takes women feeling for granted because the world does revolve.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT true of all Liberian men however, I was in a relationship with a cheating, lying, no good 25 year old Liberian guy. Who didn't seem to think that being with more than one woman at a time was wrong. I found nude photos in his phone. I consider him a double life cheater who even at his age isn't committed and continues to like at life as sex and fun. To all the women out there looking for a decent Liberian man AVOID Ezekiel Payeah:

Anonymous said...

Wow I've date two Liberian men both we're great in bed..pretty much sex fiend I would always look at them out the corners if my eye because portrayed too hard to be innocent and I smelled fowl play...the lies seemed like the truth but I'm too much of a real woman to fall for anything..ladies please dnt get suckered in by their sex!! And to add they are such mamas boys to a point you'd think their sexing each other...liberian women let your son become men not you lil bi*** I truly think that's were the problem lay so they get w women that dnt knw their culture and front to be a good man in all stabbing your back

Anonymous said...

I feel you. I, too had a liberian man. They cannot admit that they are wrong. Their living a lie. He left me. Blaming everything on me. He was texting other women. He had another prepaid phone to communicate with other women. He was meeting these women in hotels. He would come home like he did nothing. He was chit chatting women, and all this time. He says! I do not chat. Ha! They do not like to be question. All they do is lie, secrets, and then want to cime home before 12:00midnight. They always want prove. If you do not have prove. Then you are wrong! But they will never tell you the truth. They will have naked pictures of other women in their cell phone. When someone calls there cell phone. If is a woman. They will say outloud. Oh! What does Ed wants or what does Mathew wants. It is always a male calling. You are right! They are cheaters, lyers, and secretive.

Anonymous said...

I can tall you are a male!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I also worked with then for about 10 years and trust you learn alot working with something. This is truely on point! I just wish that we as African American woman could just follow our hearts and stop being so desperate, seek for the truth and ye shall find and this don't mean behaving like a 20 yrs old, just listen and STOP hearing what yu want to hear, men tell you the truth, just listen.

Anonymous said...

Honey, You made two statements that stood out. 1. having an affair with liberian guy. 2. He's married to my surprise. Now which is it? I do not feel bad for you because of that AFFAIR and you knowing that they cannot concieve , so this means to me you knew of her. You're just wrong in so many ways and know you want sampathy, OMG! Ladies what goes around comes back direct or indirect, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you guys im engaged to a liberian this exsplains a lot to me about his always being on line and lieing like hes watching movies he has be come distant to me last few month

Anonymous said...

Wow..the comment about the moma boy rings a big bell in my mind..I am takin back by some of these comments but being the woman that I am I probably got a few up on him..he is a serious sweet heart and gives me the world but he has a gf and doesnt want to be with her..I love him and he loves me but what an eye opener I will continue to stand guard of my entire heart

uniqueka abraham said...
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Anonymous said...


I don't think that is fair!!! My husband is Liberian and he always hold my hand, kiss and touch me in public and in the privacy of our home. He doesn't give me any type of vibe that he is cheating or plan on cheating. He always make me feel like a queen. He is very respectful and he don't come home after 12 lol. I think it's fair to say most men in general despite their nationality

Anonymous said...

Its not just Liberian men, its all black men. They are quick to do some fuck nigga shit, but when you do it to them, they get mad and feel some type of way. Its called the black man syndrome. They say the white men took everything from them. And they disrespect the only ones standing by their side, the black woman. They are just handing us to the white man, and my own mother told me that she would rather me be with one, since that is guaranteed a good man who takes care of his family with no bullshit. And im telling my daughter the same thing. So they are going to feel stupid 10 years from now when they see half the black female population with white men, and then start bitching about how they took their women. Niggas go to sleep, ROGER THAT.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting to know a Liberian man and I must say reading what everyone whose been with a Liberian man says....I'm starting to wonder if I should continue with our 'relationship'. I mean he's all the way in Liberia and I'm all the way in the Southern part of Africa.

As much as one takes all that is said into consideration, generalizing is immature, if you've been hurt, don't always assume ALL the other men will hurt you too. We all know what the saying goes about ASSUMING.... (it makes an ass out of you and me)! Let's all grow up to acknowledge s*it happens and life goes on.

Maybe I will give me Liberian dude the benefit of the doubt....!

Missy said...

Me too! The guy I just met has a lot of the same characteristics.

Chris Davids said...

"Things Liberian men do that are wrong!!!"
What about us helping you become a better writer?
This is sad. You cannot paint and generalize this degree of negativity on Liberian men. Why if I tell you that many Liberian men are a part of the most loving an caring men in the world? Would you agree with that?
I think you did not serve justice to your topic.
Just like everywhere else, there are play boys. There are guys who just don't care about women's heart. There are guys that just run after sex. If you dated a Liberian guy, you probably dated one of the play boys.
I think you should edit your post heading.
People that are using this to question their relationship are not doing any good to themselves. There are bad and good men everywhere. You cannot use an online post to determine what happens next in your relationship with a Liberian. The internet is not always right.
Why if I say every African American or American men are on drug, have babies with women and leave them, are arm robbers, sells weed, smokes everyday, are not serious about getting an education, are aggressive towards women, are dirty and the list is endless. How would a non American woman who is talking with an American guy feel? Probably not.
If you want to write a blog to make yourself known, do it sincerely. And to the women that are using this as a tool to judge the men they are with or talking to, I will say to you that you need to rethink. This does not represent Liberian men in general just as the negative things about African American or American men does not represent all of them.

Chris Davids said...


Mariama Thomas said...

I'm very scared after reading this blog. I have been dating a Librarian Man for about four months. He's the opposite he cooks, he waits on me hand and food at times. He feeds me my food my drinks pulls my chair out tells me he loves and want to marry me. He introduce me to his friends and family. He even mention to one this will be my wife. He's 25 and I'm 35. In a million years I would have never talk to a guy this age but mentally and physically he's not 25. I'm nervous to reading this is this all an act from him. Oh and I'm celibate so we have not had sex yet and I will not have sex until I'm married.

Mariama Thomas said...

Oh I'm African-American I woukd love feedback from the blogger on this and other woman should I stay or run😂

Sariah said...

Run girl run! My soon to be ex was great when we were dating and engaged, cooked, cleaned, rubbed my feet, treated me like a freaking queen. We got married he stopped doing thiose things and he started coming home late 1-3 in the morning I didn't think anything of it his friends had his back and told me they were hanging out watching movies, I never questioned it, we had ups and downs like most maeeiages, we had 2 kids then he moved his mom in, I asked him to take the garbage out his 1 of 2 chores he had and she told him I was a disrespectful bi*** and he needed to put me in my plaxe, he started being mentally and emotionally abusive then it turned to physical, his mom told me it was the price women HD to pay to be taken care of. Then when I got pregnant with our 3rd baby he got mad, I mean really mad, he told me I did it on purpose to duet her entangle him into the marriage we'd been married 8 years at this point that, at that point I knew something was up, I had him followed he wasn't at his friend houses like he said he was at his mistresses, come to find out he's had at least 5 Liberian mistresses, they all knew me and my kids and they didn't care bc he was taking care of them and thought he'd leave me, well he didn't ever leave me, I finally left it took me 3 months after the birth of our 3rd child for me to finally leave but I NEVER want my kids to think that living like that is right and to treat a woman like that is ok, so I say leave, it's to big of a culture difference to big!!!

Sariah said...

Also, sorry to add more, we met in college and out of all the Liberian that married American women which were about 10 of us only 1 is still married and she's going through the same thing that all of us others went through but she feels stuck and wants to leave but is to afraid to.

tabitaeguangs said...

I wonder what women think when they say they are afraid to leave a man.IF you are not happy in a marriage please leave.You don't have to be married to be happy.There are many thing out there to be achieved instead of being stuck in sadness..Can I add that it is true that African men cheat horribly and with no mercy.Please avoid them

Anonymous said...

first of the shit u posted might be tru buast iam reading this I have a Liberian boyfriend yes he does ignore me at times and does lil bit things I don't agree but u females so quick to fall for it this is all men he treats me good.thats how Africans are they was raised diff from us.african American guys are the ones that you need to watch for stop being so fucking bitter and move on iam not African but this is disrespect learn about them b4 jumping in relationships half u bitchs makes me sick fucking with married men I don't allow him to do what he wants because then he would be what u say but he is a good man and yes we are young but u sound dumb asf no whonder u got treated the way you did.

Anonymous said...

I know that I have a Liberian minister WHORE. He is a gentleman, but I know, he loves VAGINA! Get this, a man that uses the word of God to hide behind, but a true WHORE. Mind you, an honest whore to boot, he is 59 with a 6 month old son in Liberia. This happened during his wonderful missionary duties. What can I say?

But I'm just as sick because I'm in love with "El-Sicko" , this dam thing called love has no boundaries or shame, or rationale, or dismiss faults, what a tradegy!

But he is Liberian and he is a trifling WHOR3!

Anonymous said...

A minister whore from Liberia! And you know, he probably has several other lovers over there. I think that he is f.... Another woman as I write this thread. Whore, all day long whore. I pray that his thing can't perform anymore, and I will stay with him and make him frett for the remainder of his limp days. But I will never have another man again in this life. He taught me, men are untrustworthy when it comes to Vagina.

Unknown said...

Am going through the same thing....just had a beautiful baby girl with a Liberian man. I found out he was meeting with his mistress 2 days after I delivered. He is still a momma boy who still lives with his mother. I also found out he's been chatting with other different women. I'd rather stay single for the rest if my life than date or marry a Liberian man.

RN said...

Am going through the same thing....just had a beautiful baby girl with a Liberian man. I found out he was meeting with his mistress 2 days after I delivered. He is still a momma boy who still lives with his mother. I also found out he's been chatting with other different women. I'd rather stay single for the rest if my life than date or marry a Liberian man.

Babs said...

Oh my God,it's so sad,but i think you are all right because you are basing on your experience,am dating one now we will be getting married next 2 month we have never made love,i will believe all everyone is saying, but i will go ahead and marry him but from what i have head i will let him know that the only thing that will not let our marriage last is adultery make sure that when that happens then he will be gone,and also let pray for them,and advice them as much as we can,i think you let your man knows what you want, and if you are not getting it why go ahead i told him we can't have sex,so for certain reason if he can't keep to that fine,and from what i just read if i get to know that he falls in that kind of people,all i do is divorce him period,we need to let them know that we will not let them take us for granted,when you marry me and i play my roll well and you decide to fool around i will just leave,it very good to love but please ladies let love with our head too, not the heart alone,be humble, kind ,loving and respectful and if he stills play the fool,leave him,and move on,when you do your best in a relationship and it doesn't work you come out with a good mind that you did your but,please let be wise,and if he is for someone don't entertain him no way,walk him out,thanks.

Babs said...

Oh my God,it's so sad,but i think you are all right because you are basing on your experience,am dating one now we will be getting married next 2 month we have never made love,i will believe all everyone is saying, but i will go ahead and marry him but from what i have head i will let him know that the only thing that will not let our marriage last is adultery make sure that when that happens then he will be gone,and also let pray for them,and advice them as much as we can,i think you let your man knows what you want, and if you are not getting it why go ahead i told him we can't have sex,so for certain reason if he can't keep to that fine,and from what i just read if i get to know that he falls in that kind of people,all i do is divorce him period,we need to let them know that we will not let them take us for granted,when you marry me and i play my roll well and you decide to fool around i will just leave,it very good to love but please ladies let love with our head too, not the heart alone,be humble, kind ,loving and respectful and if he stills play the fool,leave him,and move on,when you do your best in a relationship and it doesn't work you come out with a good mind that you did your but,please let be wise,and if he is for someone don't entertain him no way,walk him out,thanks.

Steve Tweh said...

I would like to know where u got your information or two persons? Maybe those u know or acquainted with are the ones engaged in such behavior. Present facts from your study to show credibility...S.tweh

Steve Tweh said...

I would like to know where u got your information or two persons? Maybe those u know or acquainted with are the ones engaged in such behavior. Present facts from your study to show credibility...S.tweh

Lisa Moore said...

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Anonymous said...

WoW, whoever wrote this page was probably hurt by 1 guy and is now painting us all black.
She needs therapy.

Mix said...

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Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I am currently dating a Liberian man. He lives in Asia and am in Africa. But this post certainly has scared me a bit. He is always talking about coming to my country but not to his. I must say, I find this extremely strange.

Hudson Kattieh said...

All these comments about Liberian men?
I must admit the talk about aspects but to the original post owner.

I am a Liberian man and I want to apologize to you all if a Liberian man offended any of you.

Please do not categories all Liberian men as the same. Lot of good Liberian men you can find around the globe.

Look wisely and be a good and loving woman and you will enjoy the good things about Liberian men

Love Ly said...

That is so true! I had to let this Liberian Jackass I was dealing with go! He thought I was going to be alright with him spending nights over his Kids Mothers house...Please. Now, he blames me and uses his kids for his Disrespectful choice, by saying him not spending nights over there house that means he is being a Absentee Father and Neglectful to his Sons��✌

Love Ly said...

If any Woman ever run into a Liberian handsome guy in Boston, MA named Pate Aka from that Bastard! He is truly vicious, lack Respect, 1 sided, lack affection, lack common sense, the ability to Love, a compulsive liar, and a burden to a Woman on every God Dann level!

Love Ly said...

I meant his name is Paye


I know of a friend who was in love with an Liberian man
Everybody warned her to leave him alone
Now she gone crazy. He stole her heart, he lied about his age because he is over 40yrs and he told her that he is 25 years, he would get her gifts and
said That he is going to be to do be rich one day. He is trying his best to have a child with her. Now she was married to him and has 5 children. She found out that all these years. He was living a secret life and has other children with another woman in another country.she got to work so hard to support those kids.And she never she's him. He is in various relationships all over the place. He broke her heart and separated her from her family inch by inch. Ladies be ware of these wolves in sheep's clothing. And he was religious to. He even had a church sister.

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Joke Of The Day

A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down... the mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and Dad doing?" The mother replies, "Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of itand help flatten it." "You’re wasting your time," said the boy. "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled. "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up."

Liberians, I have few questions I would really like answers to

Please number your answer(s) to match the question(s)s you are answering.
1. What would happen if all of our Liberian non-for-profit organizations deleted their constitutions and by-laws? Most non-profit organizations outside of Liberians do not have constitutions and or by-laws. What would happen if we had no political jah-jah in our organizations?
2. What would happen if we did not put these titles before our Liberian people names? "His or Her Excellency", "Honorable", "chairperson", "Governor", and so forth and so on? If we call the president of Liberia, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf, what will happen to us after doing so and what is the reason behind these titles anyway? Most places will say: Mr. Bush, president of the USA, not His Excellency Bush!!
3. What would happen if we really wanted to help our country Liberia and did it this way; instead of having hundreds of Liberian organizations going NOWHERE FAST? What if we divided the Liberians living in America by States and divide them by Liberia counties and terrorities. Here’s my madness: Take Liberia nine counties plus five terrorities equal fourteen areas, hopefully it is still that number from when I left. Divide that into the fifty states, which will give you 3.57 states per Liberia area. Let say, all Liberians in the 3.57 states take on one of those counties or terrorities and get together to re-build the area. Do you think Liberia will be on her feet by the year 2012? Again: 9 + 5 = 14 ÷ 50 = 3.57.
4. What if all Liberian government officials had to public a monthly "job" progress report with evidences to all Liberian newspaper? Do you think they will put effort into their jobs? What would happen if the public had the power to fire them for not doing their jobs or not doing it according to their job descriptions?
5. What if the president of Liberia, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf was to ask each adult Liberians living outside of Liberia to send $50.00US to help re-build the schools in Liberia; how much do you think would be collected and how many schools do you think will be in the position to compete with the western world by the year 2012?
Everyone please have a blessed day and remember to answer the questions you truly can relate to.